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What are the pharmaceutical benefits of using Bimat Eye drops?

Those who are struggling with the medical condition of hypotrichosis of eyelashes can use Bimat (Bimatoprost) ophthalmic solution onto the roots of their eyelashes daily at bedtime and within the rigorous use of this medicine for 8-12 weeks patient can get lashes over the eyes that they see in their dreams to have their eyelids. This medicine is also effective in treating a condition of the eye called open angle glaucoma.

What is a way by which Bimat eye solution acts on patients?

Patients when applying Bimat over their upper eyelid the medicine diffuses readily into the skin and the active compound Bimatoprost enclosed in brand binds to the prostaglandin receptor to stretch the phase of hair growth cycle called Telogen, second boosts the process of melanin synthesis and thirdly dilates the dermal papilla thus make eyelash long, dark and thick.    

What is the right approach to use Bimat Eye drops?

Person can use Bimat eye drops only after washing their hands and cleaning all the makeup and removing all the cosmetic accessories from over their eyes. Dip the applicator brush in Bimat solution and then mark a straight line from inner corner of the eye to the outer edge. Wipe the excess solution with a clean tissue and then close your eyes so that solution gets spread to the lower eyelid too.

What are the side effects that patient might develop on the use of Bimat Eye drops?

Temporary side effects can annoy the user of Bimat includes warmth, excess watering from eyes, stinging and burning.

What are the precautions to be followed with Bimat Eye drops?

Whilst using Bimat eye drops take these precautions:

  • Take out contact lenses from your eyes
  • Take out makeup from your eyes before applying ophthalmic solution
  • Never use same applicator brush to apply Bimat solution
  • Take gap of 10-15 min between 2 different dosing being used in eyes

What are the contradictions to be followed with Bimat Eye drops?

  • Do not use Bimat if you develop any allergy or any uneasy feeling in eyes
  • Do not use Bimat under case of surgery or injury of eyes


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