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Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution

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Meta description of Latisse Eye Drops:

Latisse (Bimatoprost) is a successful ophthalmic remedy for your short and insufficient eyelashes. Buy Latisse online at affordable rates from our drug portal.  

Brief overview of Latisse:

Latisse is an ophthalmic remedy, which is made for Generic Bimatoprost. The condition of hypotrichosis or Madarosis of eyelashes is described with less and inadequate lashes. Thus, Latisse is efficient in making your lashes long, thick, dark, and mesmerizing.

Working mechanism of Latisse Eye drop:

Latisse encompassing Bimatoprost is a prostaglandin analog that works on the anagen phase to elongate it and the telogen phase to contract it. Thus, make your hair more in the growth phase making short lashes to be dark, thick, and lengthy. Latisse is also efficient in treating the glaucoma condition by reducing pressure inside the eyes.

Way to use and dosing schedule of Latisse:

Latisse is an ophthalmic solution meant for eyes only and when used for lashes then should be used externally only. Apply a drop of Latisse solution at the lash line margin of upper lashes. Do it by putting a drop of Latisse at the tip of the provided applicator or using a clean and dry eyeliner brush. Use the Latisse for one time daily during bedtime at night.

Undesirable responses of Latisse:

Users using Latisse may encounter with some adverse effects of iris pigmentation, headache, eye itching or redness, dizziness, hazy vision, or increase in sensitivity to light.

Contraindicatory conditions for the use of Latisse:

  • It is conflicting to use Latisse if you are a pregnant woman or a nursing mother.
  • It is contradictory to use Latisse in children and geriatric individuals.
  • If you use Latisse in any other ophthalmic condition, then it can worsen your condition.
  • The medical condition of oversensitivity to any ingredient of Latisse makes your condition unsuitable for the use of Latisse.

Precautions while using Latisse Eye drops:

  • Makeup and contact lenses should be removed prior to the use of Latisse.
  • Prevent drug contamination by avoiding contact of bottle tip to any surface or matter.
  • Maintain a gap of 10-15minutes if you are needed to reinsert the lenses or use any other ophthalmic medication.

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