Buy Silverex Ionic Gel Silver Nitrate Gel 240gm online

Buy Silverex Ionic Gel 240gm Online

Silver Nitrate Gel 240gm | Silverex Ionic Gel 240gm

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Silverex Ionic Gel 240gm

Silverex Ionic gel is a topical preparation and made up of ionic form of Silver nitrate. Silverex Ionic gel is extensively used to prevent and cure a range of burn and wound infections. It reduces pain and inflammation allied with the wound or burn and helps in soon recovery of the wounds and burns. The repeated application of Silverex Ionic gel can encourage the adequate destruction of cutaneous warts.

Mechanism of action of Silverex-Ionic gel 240 gm:

Silver nitrate exhibits an antimicrobial property that has a cidal effect on the microorganisms by blocking their respiratory enzyme system and changes the microorganism DNA sequences.  Silver has no toxic effect on human skin. It also reduces inflammation associated with the wound or burn and promotes faster wound healing.

What are the contraindications of Silverex-Ionic gel 240 gm?

There are no such contraindicated of Silverex-Ionic gel 240 gm, as it is a safe and effective medicine. But sometimes it is contraindicated under the certain condition such as broken skin, cuts, and wounds. It is also contraindicated in case a patient has allergic reactions with Silverex-Ionic gel 240 gm or its other components.

What are the possible drugs interactions of Silverex-Ionic gel 240 gm?

Silverex-Ionic gel 240 gm is very safe and effective medicine and there is no such drug interaction of Silverex-Ionic gel 240 gm. But there are some medicine that may interact with Silverex-Ionic gel 240 gm such as selenium, Sulfacetamide, Sulfacetamide sodium, and Sulfisoxazole.

How can Silverex-Ionic gel 240 gm be used in a proper way?

Silverex-Ionic gel 240 gm is commercially available in a concentration of 0.2% w/w of Silver nitrate. You have to wash your hand before the application of this medicine. Then apply the gel on the affected part of the skin once in a day. One can use this medicine while dressing of the wound.

How to store this medicine?

Silverex-Ionic gel 240 gm should be kept at the room temperature in cool, dry and dark place. It should not be kept in the refrigerator. Keep Silverex-Ionic gel 240 gm away from children and pets to prevent them from accidental consumption.

What are the side effects a person can come across while using this medicine?

Use of Silverex-Ionic gel 240 gm can cause some side effects such as burning and irritation in the skin, staining of the skin, conjunctivitis, methemoglobinemia and electrolytic disturbance.

What are the precautionary tips a person has to follow while using this medicine?
  • You have to wash your hand before the application of this medicine to avoid the contamination of this medicine.
  • It recommended for external use only, if it is ingested can cause toxic effects to the gastrointestinal tract and central nervous system.
  • It should be handled with caution because it tends to stain the skin, utensils, clothing and linens.
  • Avoid the prolong contact of this medicine with the surface of the skin because it may irritate your skin.

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