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To know about uses of Soma 500 mg:

Soma is an effective drug for treating different acute musculoskeletal pain and discomfort or myalgia. This medicine becomes more effective when it is taken with rest and some physical therapies. Soma medicine allows a user to continue daily working without a worry of pain. Soma is a new version of FDA approved generic medicine Carisoprodol.

To be aware of the mechanism of Soma Carisoprodol 500mg:

Carisoprodol is an analgesic drug that acts directly on central nervous system and makes its work slow. It hinders the transmission of different nerves pain signals between the reticular formation and spinal cord. As pain signals do not reach the brain thus a seductive effect is produced. In this way, it overcomes muscle pain.

To get precise Dosing recommendation of Soma:

Soma comes in two different dosing powers of 350 mg and 500 mg at our online drug store:

  • For a beginner, take Soma 350 mg, thrice daily from the mouth with sufficient amount of water.
  • If the lowest dose of Soma does not work for you increase the dose to 500 mg, twice on daily basis.
  • Prefer to take light meals as heavy meals make its absorption slow.
  • You continue the therapy to 2 to 3 weeks, but taking it more than given duration may increase the chances of side effects.
  • The highest dose of Soma medicine is considered as 1400mg.

To be aware of harmful effects of Soma 500 mg:

Soma medicine may cause some undesirable side effects like blurred vision, diarrhea, gastric upset, lack of coordination, feeling irritable, fatigue, fainting, and lightheadedness, paralysis, lethargy, weakness, tremor, nausea, inexact vision, chest tenderness, anxiety, and confused mental state.

To know the conditions where the use of Soma medicine is restricted:

  • acute intermittent porphyria
  • Liver disorder
  • Heart disease
  • Kidney disorder
  • Allergy to any compound present in Soma medicine.

To be aware of the safety points of Soma Pain Relief:          
  • Some of the users of Soma medicine become addicted after taking this medicine for a longer time. Therefore, it is advised to take it on as advised by your doctor for a shorter duration.
  • Avoid the drinking of alcohol with Soma medicine as it may make this medicine to work slow.
  • Soma medicine is not safe to be taken by a lactating or pregnant woman as it may affect the nourishing or unborn baby.

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